Sjboy Emulator Download

SjBoy is a software that can emulate java mobile games & applications on PC. You can run java games/applications on the PC through this emulator. The existing java emulators are all demanded to install Large-size SDK or JVM, and are hard to configure. Sjboy Emulator requires none of these additional environment. Just install & run jar files directly.

Beside emulating mobile games & programs, Sjboy support users to capture the screen and save onto your computers.

Sjboy Emulator comes with several types of mobile phones interface/skins like Nokia 40 Series, Nokia 60 series, Motorola and SonyEricsson. You can select the right interface that matches your games & programs.

  • Simulation more quickly. Sjboy is based on the realization Sun MIDP2.0 framework, based on a lot of optimization, to speed has been improved.
  • Support dynamic change conform. Currently in sjboy including Nokia40 V1, Nokia 60,Moto V3, SE built-in skins.
  • Screen capture. You can right-interception current screen content, and as your desktop theme. Currently supports the preservation of BMP format.
  • Rich API. Including the mainstream market models, and the game/programs might need all the pictures and sound formats.

Download SjBoy from here : [].exe.html


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